#21 Developer Confessions Part 2 *EXTRA SHOCKING*

This week the DevPlebs talk about: Continuing to do a podcast even though nobody is listening to podcasts right now! People questioning our devotion! How things will never go back to normal! How things weren't that great before the lockdown happened! Train VLOGS! Keith's failed rockstar dreams! Having a Vevo account! Spotify ad revenue! How the younger generations of developers are going to take over! Apps built with Windows Forms! Singing Puddle of Mudd at karaoke! Keswick Boston Pizza! Arguing on the internet! Not having the energy to deal with people on the internet! Keith's awful networking professor! Learning things from your mentees! Having nothing excite you anymore! Idiot senior developers! Old portfolio sites! Phil's dream of MVC! Owning way too many domains! More developer confessions!