#16 The Self-Isolation Showdown Extravaganza (Part 1)

This week the DevPlebs talk about: Making bad decisions in your early 20's! Getting shitty homemade tattoos! Wearing weightlifting gloves to do athletic things! Remote podcasting! Phil becoming a cam girl! The reason why our podcast is art! Phil's trust for Keith! Why we aren't giving tips for working remote! Phil's unorthodox working conditions! Weird snacks! Having a disproportionate amount of waffles in the house! The Pomodoro technique! Dreaming code! Working at home with your partner! The tall stairs in Keith's house! More talk about weightlifting gloves? Keith's pillow-y hands and buttery skin! How this entire episode was just a 30 minute advertisement for Zoom! Keith's wife's intestinal issues! Going partially vegan! How our numbers compare to the Ladybug podcast! The Keswick High School Ultimate Frisbee team! An update on our self-isolation!