#12 The Incredibly Peculiar World Of Job Titles In Tech

This week the DevPlebs talk about: Our 22 followers on Spotify! Our terrible financial situations! What we would do if we woke up beside a strange, large sack of cash! The Canadian $1000 bill! Drug money! Our awful podcast hosting service! Iceland's government selling the country's DNA! Being taller than 5'8"! Being tech adjacent! Not bothering to compete with technical podcasts! Thousands of people listening to this episode! The time Phil was a Lead E-Commerce Developer! EXTREME PROGRAMMING! The new Star Wars trilogy killing the Jedi job title! Large amounts of cringe! Becoming an alchemist! Phil actually being Star Wars kid! Phil almost throwing a metal pole like a javelin through the skull of a customer! Thomas Hobbes being kind of a dick! Phil becoming a Magento Solutions Architect! A lot (I mean a LOT) of hate for Magento 2!